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Registered on 2010, we have been targeted basically to the welfare of our planet offering different services on the fields of promoting health, and welfare of the underprivileged and  deprived human beings, using as many tools as possible in the sector of promoting, managing and financial engineering to achieve our goals worldwide.

Our main target has been to find strategic and extremely rare yet sought-after qualities such as innovative technology, potential for rapid growth, a well-developed business model, and an impressive management team. We were more interested in ventures with exceptionally high growth potential, as only such opportunities are likely capable of providing financial returns and a successful exit within the required time frame (typically 3–7 years) that venture capitalists expect, to apply funding in social and humanitarian projects worldwide.

We have been establishing and building up very good connections with special development projects in areas of free and sustainable energy, cleaning and taking care of the planet making per-arrangements with many different venture capital parties, financiers and experts interested in the welfare of the planet, as well as high returns. We have created avenues through top government officials showing interest in our welfare project design to be implemented within their own countries or local areas.

We are financiers managing funds in partnership with very wealthy closest families and friendly very wealthy individuals who trust our mission and vision to support humanitarian and social projects using as so many financial tools and expertise.

Our services



We provide strategic support looking for an appropriate venture partners within our portfolio of associated wealthy families and individuals.

We act as private equity managers for a large portfolio of funds sources in a form of bank instruments and/or cash funds with a minimum investment target of Ten Million USD or equivalent.

We provide accessible financial resources to entrepreneurs seeking funds for potential projects. We also provide opportunities for Financers and Investors who wish to provide capital for commercial or development projects.

We also hardly consider new venture partners who share the goal of building up capital to fund welfare projects around the world, and we are happy to share our prospected projects and partners.


Our Goal and prospects

Full company acquisition of special aged companies with long term background and history which owners are being aged too and wish to sell on a good price.

Acquisition of small banks or financial broker agencies, security houses in well standing with strategic projection for the very near future.

Acquisition of lots of bank real state assets and/or hard sell real state assets.

Full funding of targeted high risk technologies and patent first time development and commercialization.

General management buyout.

General growth capital.

General everage buyout.



  • Managing client and investor due diligence worldwide and global screening of sanctions and media in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

  • Risk profiling of investors and clients worldwide

  • Enhanced intelligence reports on individual clients and businesses

  • Analyzing corporate governance frameworks

  • Reviewing business procedures and processes
    Board compliance and regulatory reports

  • Impact assessments of regulatory changes in multiple jurisdictions

contact information

  • Address Bangkok:275/1-2 Paneang Road, Pomprabsattrupai, Bangkok 10100

  • Address Spain: Salamanca 47, Valencia 46005, Spain

  • Thai Phone: +6697367866
    Spanish Phone: +34 633336620
  • Email: info@bluespear.co; spanishtrader@gmail.com

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